triathlon and family can mix

Roll Call

I missed the Chinook 119.1 Triathlon which took place on June 16. I haven’t seen a pool for more than 100m in 5 weeks. Time to figure out where my 2012 race season stands.


My goals for this year were pretty simple:

1 Remain injury free – Incomplete
2 Increase run speed to 4:30/km by week 20 – Complete
3 Increase power on the bike by 20% by week 30 – Complete
4 Finish Chinook 119.1 (first Half-Iron distance attempt) – Incomplete
5 Finish Calgary 70.3 faster than Chinook 119.1 – Not attempted yet

With the Calgary 70.3 less than 4 weeks out, it goes July 29, my goal is to make it 3 of 5 for goals this year (I guess maybe 2.5 of 5 since I could walk the 70.3 and complete my goal).

My plan is to continue with my training schedule for the bike and run workouts and continue to gain strength in the pool. I will dedicate a future post to my training plan. By the end of July I intend to be on the beach of Ghost Dam shivering, ready for my first Half-Iron attempt.

Question: Has anyone set a similar goal of returning after an injury? Were you able to reach your goal?


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