triathlon and family can mix

Training Wheels

Anyone who has kids, been around kids, or been a kid at one point in their life knows that you have to watch what you say when those little ears are listening.

The greatest example in my daughters life doesn’t involve swearing (all though I am sure that is on the way) but does involve triathlon. After watching me race in 2011, two races by the way, my daughter asked when she could ‘win’ a triathlon.

I immediately thought of the Kids Of Steel (KOS) races here in Calgary, notably the KOS at Lake Chaparral and KOS put on the Kronos Tri Club. The Kronos Tri Club KOS is a pool swim, which was also my first experience in a triathlon, and highly recommended for a first attempt.

We delayed registering, mostly as we figured It was a passing phase.

It wasn’t, race day was here, and I was fresh from the emergency room the day prior with a broken collar bone.

Enter my brother, he volunteered to help her in the race by running beside her during the bike and run, and helping in transition.

It was an amazing experience. The race is for all ages, with my daughter the 5 and under age group (she is 5). There was 18 year old kids looking for a spot on the Olympic team, 3 year olds riding with training wheels, and everything in between.

She had a blast, and so did we. Watching her on the course made me smile; it hurt my shoulder, but who cares. She finished the race as I always intend to, upright with a smile on her face. Man, am I pound of her. Not for racing, but for setting and reaching a goal while having fun doing it.

Does anyone else have an experience with a child participating in a Triathlon? Was it as positive as mine?


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